Happy Birthday,Bunso*

    Seems like just yesterday, I can still remember when you were still a small child, how everyone would like to get your attention so we could cuddle you and sit you on our laps. We would try all the tricks we know only to get your attention. For me, I would tempt you with colourful sweets, father would like to carry you on his shoulders, and Kuya**, would motion that he would like to throw you up in the air and catch you. Oh,all those tricks but still, your eyes would scan the room like a lost child looking for someone who would rescue you. You looked so uncomfortable,uneasy, until you see that figure. Even with her back turned on you, you would recognize her and that is when you would cry pitifully , then she would stop whatever she’s doing and will rescue you. She will lift you out of the crib and will wrap you around her arms to console you. Then, without delay, you’d stop crying. For you, even without tricks to offer, she gets your attention, in full and willingly.

     Today, you turned into a sweet and lovely sixteen year old lady. With your Kuya now together with her and father on the other side, and the rest of your remaining siblings in different parts of the world, more than ever, I know you are searching for her. But don’t despair, for I know that at this very moment, as sure as the sun will rise and again set, Mother is embracing you and assuring you of her love. So smile now, bunso. We all love you very much!

(Author’s Note: * youngest sibling, ** older brother)

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