If Today is Your Last, What Would Be Your Last Words?

I know, the title sounds a little morbid, but we all know it’s inevitable,isn’t it? We don’t have a say as to how long or until when we are going to live in this world. Some people lived long enough to see their dreams come to pass. Others are only for short period, short enough to have to leave their children not yet fully capable to paddle to life’s surging waves.

With the end in mind, I’m sure we all want to leave a piece of advise to our loved ones,specially our children to better equipped them in life as they move on in this world without us. Words that we think should be their guiding principle. Their lighthouse in the middle of a dark sea. The gentle whispering of a loving parent to the ears of his or her vulnerable baby.

I remember my mother’s last words to me was , ” you need to be always strong in this life . And remember, God keeps His promises”. After a short while, nurses upon doctor’s order, started to slowly and one at a time pull out the cables and apparatus connected to my mom. And the next few minutes she started breathing heavily until her last. Her words have been and will always be the most precious thing to me. I’m sure it wont be easy all the time but I have to be strong if it isn’t. Some days would be bright and some wont, but I have to be strong if it’s gloomy.

So,any last words in mind to keep them going strong when you’re gone?

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2 Responses to If Today is Your Last, What Would Be Your Last Words?

  1. brockprice80 says:

    I think I would be all right with my last words being something mundane like “Geez, this really hurts” or “I’ll be seeing you.” I’ll probably be so choked up with crying, I wouldn’t be able to speak, anyway. My loved ones should see my love reflected in the mundane, I think: In just making them eggs for breakfast or hugging them at the beginning of another day.

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