Here I go again, feeling so low today. I don’t understand why. I just couldn’t understand. It feels so lonely. Past keeps coming back. Memories, painful ones. I feel so broken. Lost. So many things going on and on in my head. Non-stop. I have told them to stop or at least, be kind and take turns. Each fighting another as to who gets entertained first. Pain. Sadness. I thought I have fought them over. I even thought I won the battle. But why do they keep on coming back? They seem to enjoy my company. They just won’t leave me alone. Sadness is so miserable that she is aching to come out and burst in the form of ever flowing tears. And pain, he just like to lash out on anything he would get hold of. Like a rebel, he just wants to go against anything. He is yearning for something that my poor brain cannot comprehend. It can’t interpret what pain is trying to say. My body can’t even locate where the pain is. It is just sore. Very sore. I wish they would go away. Permanently. Not possible? Well at least give me a chance to recover from the last one. It is just too much. Unbearable.

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