I saw her in my dream last night…

 We were in a church ground. There seems like a religious celebration going on. We were sat there, side by side, watching the celebration. I glanced at her once in a while, checking up on her if she is okay. She looked weak and poorly. Then a group of dark skies loomed over us. Wind blows signalling a coming rain. She wanted me to go ahead and take her grandchildren home before the rain falls. I refused to leave her on her own; not in that state of health and weather condition.

 She held my hand and I looked in her eyes. Without any spoken words I sensed that she was worried and was begging me to take the kids home. I have never let her worry nor begged in my life, so I gave in. I hugged her tightly for quite a while. Then I felt that she gently pulled away from me; I sensed that she wanted us to go. I understood that she was worried about the children getting soaked in rain. I stood and slowly walked away from her. I glanced at her over my shoulder, but she pretend not to look at us. But I know, from the corner of her eyes she will see us through. Walking away I know I will not see her again, it was so hard to bear. My chest was so heavy, my heart was pumping. And I was crying.

I woke up, and I felt the terrible pain of missing her. Then again, I cried…

I miss you, Mum.



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