What Makes You Happy?

Sometimes, we don’t realise that time is passing by on us. We just carry on doing our stuff at work or our daily routines at home and we are so preoccupied with mundane tasks that we are forgetting to stop for a while and think about what makes us happy. You might say, “oh, I know what makes me happy!” Well, we all do. What I’m trying to say is do we stop and try to do what makes us happy?
Most of us cannot afford to stop for a while and ponder on how to do this. I am guilty of that. For me, everyday is a run of the mill. Work, sleep, work. That is my routine, sadly. I don’t blame my work for impeding my happiness because I NEED my work for daily survival. You know, for bread and butter. Without the money coming in from my work, I won’t be able to give the children education which is very expensive from where I come from. I should have saved hard enough when I was younger. My biggest mistake ever…
What will make me happy is really not very expensive, though. Here are some of the things I am hankering for:
1. A time alone at the beach;
2. A time to concoct a new dish I will be proud of myself;
3. To improve my writing;
4. A good quality time with my partner.
See, I don’t need a fortune to do the things that will make me happy but the trouble is TIME.

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